Lead Free Youthair

Youthair / Lead Free

819JrmnlXsL._SL1500_Finally, a product from the company which has helped millions of clients restore their natural hair color, self-esteem, and self-confidence which will revolutionize the hair color industry. The makers of Youthair® now proudly introduce their new LEAD FREE Youthair® Crème (liquid vs crème). This new item not only boasts about being free of its former active ingredient, lead acetate, but also has a sulfur-free scent, which some clients found offensive. The combination of these two new advantages combined into one product makes this a highly sought after item.

Youthair® Lead Free Crème style is now available in a compact and convenient 3.75 fluid ounce size. This size makes it ideal for travel as well as home storage. The Youthair® Lead Free style comes in an unbreakable tube with a flip top cap for simple, neat and accurate dispensing. With its concentrated formula, you will be able to use less product when you apply making this size not only user friendly but economical. Once you try our Youthair® Lead Free, Non-Scented Crème you will see that this is the optimal product for you and your lifestyle.  Some clients report this item is more beneficial in maintaining the restored hair color since it has some limitations due to its non-lead based composition.

The Youthair Lead Free Creme is typically used by our younger clients (20s – early 30s) with little gray hair.  That said, some of our older clients do report incredible results from the Lead Free Creme alone.  Bear in mind that all people are different and may experience different results and what works for one may or may not work as well for another.  We always suggest ordering more than one style Youthair so you can test effectiveness and lifestyle fit.  As one ages, typically a more potent formula is required to change and maintain the natural hair color.  Since this Lead Free Creme is not lead based, its effectiveness is limited.  For more complete and powerful results, one of our other lead based products is advised.  Any lead based Youthair product is completely safe to used when it is used as directed.   Detailed directions for use will accompany each order for Youthair.  See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more on this subject and specifically the, “Is Youthair Safe to Use” question.