Recent Shipping Fee Youthair

Please be advised that the following two instances MAY apply to your order depending on the circumstance.  If you need certainty, please feel free to e-mail us via the “Contact Us” link on any of our pages.


If you have submitted as the delivery address for your package a P.O. Box, an apartment number, an apparent business address, or a delivery address different from the order address, you may be charged a small delivery confirmation fee.  This is to ensure the package reaches you and not someone other than you who may be at the same address or place.

Also due to recent postal requirements along with delivery charge increases, some orders may be assessed a small zonal postage surcharge.  This charge will be based on the weight and destination of your package.  Simply put, the more your package weighs and the further it has to travel will dictate the cost of your shipping charge.  All orders will generate from the Boston, MA area.  For instance, a two pound package sent to New York will cost less to ship than if it were going to California.  A one pound package sent to Oregon might cost the same to ship as a three pound package to Vermont.  The variables are infinite  but we will always ship according to United States Postal Guidelines.  We do not profit from shipping rates.  We use U.S. Priority Mail Delivery which will provide you with safe & swift delivery of your goods once the order is placed.  Finally, we also reserve the right to place a signature request on the package if the value of your order reaches a level that dictates this so we both know that ONLY you can receive the package to eliminate any foul play with the delivery.

Lastly, please be advised that since the possibilities mentioned above relative to weight and destination are infinite, the final charge you will be assessed WILL NOT CALCULATE on your e-mailed automated receipt.  If you need this information at any time, please e-mail us as noted above.