International Shipping Fee Youthair

The reason for the range of pricing as it relates to the shipping costs of your order based on the mode of delivery you select to have your package shipped (SAM – SAMWI – EAM) is due to the endless variables on any order. Your actual charge for the shipping will be based on two items; the package weight and the package destination. Simply put, the more your package weighs and the further it has to travel will dictate the cost of your shipping charge. All orders will generate from the Boston, MA area. For instance, a two pound package sent to Canada will cost less to ship than if it were going to Australia. A one pound package sent to Russia might cost the same to ship as a three pound package to England.

As mentioned, the variables are endless but we will always ship according to United States Postal Service Guidelines and do not look to profit off of shipping rates. We use U.S. Priority Mail International Air Delivery which will provide you with safe and swift delivery of your goods once the order is placed, again according to the mode of delivery you select when you place your order