International Orders for Youthair

International Order Form / Shipping Information

You are viewing this page because you have decided to have your order shipped OUTSIDE the United States. You must read the following information before placing your order.

Most Cost Effective Shipping Mode:  Due to recent shipping cost increases, please follow the guidelines below when ordering products for the most cost effective way to deliver your package via Standard Air Mail (SAM) delivery as explained below.  When ordering in this fashion, the cost for the delivery will be $29.00 – $35.00 depending on destination from United States.

3.75 ounce Lead Free Crème (up to 6 bottles plus the 1 free equals 7)
8 ounce Standard Crème style (up to 3 bottles)
10 ounce Super Youthair Crème style (up to 3 bottles)
16 ounce Standard Crème style (up to 2 bottles)
16 ounce Standard Crème style (1) PLUS any (2 ) other 8 or 10 ounce products (total bottles 3)
8 ounce Liquid style (up to 3 bottles)
*****you can select a variety of styles, usually up to 3 bottles but NOT if you select more than 1 bottle of the 16 oz creme style to qualify for this shipping mode*****


If you desire to order more items than what is listed above, bear in mind that International shipping is based on weight and destination and it is important to order within the following guidelines below to receive the cost estimates for shipping described below.  The cost estimates below are for up to FOUR (4) pounds.  This means you could order in the manner here: up to 10 (you’ll receive 2 more free for a total of 12) bottles of Lead Free Youthair Crème style or 3 bottles of 16 ounce Crème style, or 4 bottles of 10 ounce Super Youthair style, or 5 bottles of 8 ounce Liquid style or any combination of these items which would weigh under that 4 pound limit. You can always e-mail us to find the weight of any combination of styles. If you wish to order more than these limits, please e-mail us for shipping rates. If you order more bottles without e-mailing us first, we will add the appropriate additional shipping charges to your order.

Be advised, some countries require and collect DUTIES on goods imported. You are responsible for any costs in relation to this. Check with your postal service for details.

All orders will be shipped via Air Mail Delivery which will allow the goods to reach you much more quickly and with much greater dependability.   Air Mail Delivery is available with options.  Below is a chart to help you decide on which form of Air Mail Delivery is best for you.

Be advised, the AIR MAIL DELIVERY shipping cost on all International Orders will NOT calculate and display on the auto-generated receipt you will receive when you place your order.  Due to the numerous possibilities of all the variables, since these packages are being charged according to weight and destination, it would be impossible to show the exact amount of the shipping at the time you place the order.  The charge on your receipt you will receive when you place the order is for the product only.

Once the package ships and clears United States Customs, they will affix a cost for the shipping and the paperwork will be returned to us.  It is at that time the actual cost to ship your order is charged.  At that point we will add that fee to the credit card you used to place your order originally.  The shipping cost you will actually be charged for, in addition to the cost of the products, will almost always be between the estimates for the delivery you select below: SAM, SAMWI, or EAM.

Air Mail Delivery Comparison

Standard Air Mail
( Mail Code: SAM )
Standard Air Mail with INSURANCE
( Mail Code: SAMWI )
Express Air Mail
( Mail Code: EAM )
$19.00 – $49.00 $25.00 – $59.00 $39.00 – $79.00
4-7 days 4-7 days 2-5 days once shipped
Tracking Included / No Insurance Tracking & Insurance are Included Tracking & insurance are Included in Cost


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