International Orders (continued)

As always, you are free to purchase any multiple quantity of our Youthair products you desire. As with most purchases, the larger quantity usually provides the best value. The same is true here.

Stock Up Sale:

Since all Youthair® products have over a one year shelf life when stored out of direct sunlight and at room temperature, we are now making it irresistible to stock up with our quantity offers for your best value purchase.

Buy 6 get one free………. (see order form for details)
Buy 10 get two free…….. (see order form for details)

*** Please note that when you place your order, the FREE bottle(s) will NOT appear on the order form but will be fulfilled when your package is being prepared.


Included with your order of any size, you will receive e-mail order confirmations and printable receipts. You will also get our list of helpful “Hints and Tips Guide”, as well as detailed directions for using Youthair® (a valid e-mail address is required). (none of the above will be available without your e-mail address) (your e-mail address will never be shared with others).
The “Hints and Tips Guide” along with the “Usage Directions” will greatly enhance and hasten
your efforts in regaining and keeping your natural hair color.

3.75 ounce Lead Free Crème style – $9.80
8 ounce Crème style – $9.80
10 ounce Crème style – $9.80 (Super Youthair)
16 ounce Crème style – $9.80
8 ounce Liquid style – $9.80

Most Cost Effective Shipping Mode:  Due to recent shipping cost increases, please follow these guidelines when ordering products for the most cost effective way to deliver your package via Standard Air Mail (SAM) delivery as explained below.  When ordering in this fashion below, the cost for the delivery will be $29.00 – $35.00 depending on destination from United States..

3.75 ounce Lead Free Crème (up to 6 bottles plus the 1 free equals 7)
8 ounce Standard Crème style (up to 3 bottles)
10 ounce Super Youthair Crème style (up to 3 bottles)
16 ounce Standard Crème style (up to 2 bottles)
8 ounce Liquid style (up to 3 bottles)
*****you may select a variety of styles, usually up to 3 bottles but not if you select the 16 oz creme style to qualify for this shipping mode*****

If you prefer, you can order as much product as you choose to / shipping may cost more since costs are based on weight and destination as described on prior page.

If you are paying by check, the check must be in the form of an International Money Order and it must be payable through a United States Bank. It must have a correct total which includes proper shipping costs. If you are unsure of the total, please e-mail us for that information. Please make checks payable to: Ascend Products.

Mail request and payment to:

Customer Service Center
One Ware Road
Rutland, MA 01543


3.75 ounce Lead Free Crème style



8 ounce Crème style



10 ounce Crème style (Super Youthair)



16 ounce Crème style



8 ounce Liquid style



For orders larger than 3 bottles of 16 ounce Crème, 4 bottles of 10 ounce Super Youthair or 5 bottles of 8 ounce Liquid, please email us for shipping rates.

Air Mail Delivery Options

Standard Air Mail
(Mail Code: SAM)
(Weight & Destination Sensitive)
4-7 days
Tracking Included / No Insurance

Standard Air Mail with INSURANCE
(Mail Code: SAMWI)
(Weight & Destination Sensitive)
4-7 days
Tracking & Insurance are Included

Express Air Mail
(Mail Code: EAM)
(Weight & Destination Sensitive)
2-5 days once shipped
Tracking & Insurance are Included in Cost


Shipping Method is entered AFTER clicking the “Buy Now” button below.

The appropriate Mail Code for your choice of delivery is entered in the box for
“Customer Requests & Instructions”.

Failure to enter a delivery choice will delay your order.
You must enter the Mail Code for your delivery choice AFTER clicking “Buy Now”.

Use Mail Codes Below to Choose Shipping Mode of Your Order:

(Standard Air Mail)

(Standard Air Mail with Insurance)

(Express Air Mail)


Remember or copy your Mail Code to type or paste on the next page within the “Customer Requests & Instructions” box

(TWO ITEM minimum on all international orders)