Usage Directions for Youthair

Youthair Usage Instructions / Hints & Tips Guide

Thank you for your interest in our Youthair products. As mentioned, with every order you will receive our Youthair Usage Instructions and our helpful “Hints & Tips” Guide. These two items will enable you to begin the process of regaining your natural hair color and maintaining that color once you have restored it without any guesswork. These “step by step” informational guides will ensure you have all the correct procedures and applications to maximize your results in restoring the youthful hair color that time has been stealing from you day by day.

In short, Youthair is a topical style product meaning it is applied directly to the hair.  It is meant to be applied daily for a 2-3 week period initially as your natural hair color returns.  Youthair should be left on the hair for at least 6-8 hours per application.  Once you get your hair to the color you are pleased with, you will only need to apply Youthair perhaps once to three times a week (not every day) to maintain the hair color you desire.  Be advised, if you stop applications completely, your gray hair will slowly return.

The above mentioned information will be sent to you in a link that will appear on the automated receipt you will receive via e-mail once you place your order online. That said, it is CRITICAL that you supply us with a working e-mail address so we can send you the receipt and the link to this information. (It would be wise to instruct your e-mail program to allow e-mails from us so it does not filter them as junk e-mail by adding our e-mail address to your “Address Book” or “Contacts” page. Please instruct your e-mail program to allow e-mails from: This link will appear in that receipt both at the beginning and at the end of the receipt. In the middle of the receipt you will see the information you submitted such as address and other contact information which should be checked for accuracy so there is no delay in the delivery of your package. Should you find you have made an error or omitted some form of information, please contact us immediately so we can correct it.

Be advised, that should you cancel the order before we ship your package, you will be charged for the usage information noted above, a one time fee of $4.85 which is non-refundable. If you are ordering by postal mail or by phone, make sure you include an e-mail address with the order so we can get you this vital information.