About Youthair

Hair Color Fading? Introducing, Youthair® !

500Hair color rejuvenator and hair conditioning treatment designed to blend away gray and restore your natural color on a gradual basis. Youthair® is currently used by thousands upon thousands of men and women worldwide to make them look and feel younger. It is only one of many beauty products produced by A.I.I., American International Industries, with headquarters in Los Angeles California and London England and world famous for their A.I.I. Clubman hair care product line.

Beware of Impostors! We have seen numerous instances where, although the same or similar packaging is shown, the ingredients are not actually Youthair but a cheap imitation. To find the parent company of any organization, you only need to type in www with the name of the item after it followed by .com or equivalent and up comes the web site of that parent company. The same is true here. Type www.youthair.com into your browser and you will see us come up every time. When you order from us, you will be getting fresh and original Youthair to ensure your results are the best possible. Restoring your natural hair color is an important issue and obviously you need the products you are using to be of the highest quality.  You can rest assured that the Youthair you purchase and our high quality customer service is unmatched by anyone.

Accompanying every order, we include complete directions as well as our, “hints and tips” guide to maximize your efforts. We offer online customer support for those questions that most people have, especially for the client that’s just starting. We offer not just one or two products you need but a full line of our products including our unique Companion Shampoo & Relaxer. These are all important items you won’t get from any other outlet; either online or in person.

1325Youthair® is available in either liquid or créme, and is applied directly to your graying hair. (liquid vs. créme) Youthair® provides the help you need by delivering essential ingerdients for the color change. (learn about melanin substitute) Some grey hair is more “receptive” to this outside influence (more on “receptive” hair). Not only does Youthair® restore your hairs’ own natural color, it also provides all of the following. It improves manageability, as it doubles as a mousse giving your hair control. It increases the thickness and softness. It combats dryness, flyaway, and brittle hair as well. It even protects against extreme weather, heat styling, and harsh shampoos. It will not wash or shower out, it will not come out when you swim or sweat, nor will it rub off, because it will be your own natural color. The color you were born with.

Simply apply daily for the first two to three weeks as your natural color returns. Then, once you’ve regained as much of your natural color as desired, you need only apply once or twice weekly to maintain the color hair you want. It’s that simple! You may decide to keep some of the grays. Let’s face it. As we age into our 30s and 40s and beyond, some gray hair is quite normal. It may look too fake to be totally grayless. If you’re a male, facial hairs, chest hairs, as well as other hairs will also gray. To have no gray hair on your head and have some gray day old whiskers or other hairs that show, may look quite odd and fake.

Youthair® is designed to let you control just how much gray hair you have and exactly where you want it. That’s the major flaw with hair dyes. They don’t provide you with a way to ease into graying at your pace. They cause you to feel trapped, as you color gray hair, into a vicious cycle of repeating a temporary solution over and over with no plan that enables you to gradually turn gray when you’re ready and at, your pace. Youthair® gives you the choice that you deserve. Some gray hair or none. It’s up to you. When you color hair with a hair color you have no choice.