Good News about Youthair


Finally a Solution for Grey or Greying Hair

superAre you tired of looking older than you are? Do you feel self-conscious of the quickly approaching army of grey hair  soldiers especially around other people? Unfortunately, gray hair makes us feel that way. And just as important, if not more so, the way others may feel about us. Let’s face it, most of us associate grey hair with old age. The onset of graying hair, usually late 20’s, to mid 30’s if your lucky, brings us to the realization of getting older, although it’s a realization that most of us don’t accept graciously.
This occurrence is very natural and is caused by a loss of melanin, a substance that is produced by the hair follicle, which diminishes as one grows older. Simply put, the amount of melanin in your hair determines your hair color. People with dark hair have more melanin than people with light hair. The older you get, the less melanin your body produces. That’s when the grey or greying hair becomes obvious. You will read more about this occurrence on our web page entitled, “Gray Hair Cause”.

Some people believe you can replenish this loss with herbs, roots, minerals, oils or vitamin supplements. The truth is, that may work, but only for a select few, if that. The amount of supplements, taken orally, required to offset this loss, even if it could be done, would be too much for anyone to do or afford on a regular basis. Some people panic and color gray hair. That’s the bad news!

guysAs stated before, few of us accept the fact of aging and its physical symptoms, like grey hair graciously. But don’t despair. There is good news! And lots of it. Now, you can look and feel young again! No more shying away from others or avoiding public gatherings and events. No more looking in the mirror and trying to trim away the most obvious greying hair before you see another person. You now have options. You don’t have to color gray hair with hair dye in order to have it look youthful. You no longer need to feel that you’re trapped into continuing a temporary solution to cover up what you’ve been doing for some time. You don’t have to accept a remedy with no, “gradual,” way out. You don’t have to put up with the sudden changes from some grey hair to no greying hair as you experience with hair dye and feelings you get that others know you color your hair. They may not say so, but they know.

Say goodbye to the embarrassment you feel as you pick up your next box of hair color or crème while you hope no one you know is going to unexpectedly, “bump,” into you. Now you can say goodbye to the high cost of the alternatives to color grey hair. Finally, you can say goodbye to the rubber or plastic gloves and the unavoidable mess that comes with hair dyes or other hair coloring options.

Now you can say “Welcome back”, to your natural hair color and the confidence and pride that come with it. In just a few short weeks you can turn back the hands of time to the days when your hair was youthful looking. Recapture the confidence and self-esteem that time has taken away from you little by little. Never worry about grey hair or greying hair again!