Benefits of Youthair

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Let’s now quickly recap all the benefits that Youthair® provides:

  • coupleLess expensive than any other option available
  • Get maximum control with the crème for target and spot hair color
  • No sudden changes – Youthair® blends away gray hair gradually
  • No smells, no mess, no gloves, and no bother
  • No peroxides or harsh hair dye that could damage your hair or scalp
  • No color shades to match as there is with hair dyes
  • No two week, “gray growth,” as after the use of hair dye
  • No allergy testing to see if you are compatible
  • Works effectively on any hair color
  • You control just how much gray hair you have and where you have it
  • It won’t wash out or rub off – it’s your natural hair color
  • It provides maximum hold as it doubles as a mousse
  • Unscented conditioner to improve and protect hair & scalp
  • Delivery right to your door – no more embarrassment
  • We offer Customer Support via e-mail
  • Complete directions & “hints & tips” guide
  • Price Protection Plan

For many years, we have tried to keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing our quality and service. On rare occasions, we receive correspondence from clients who will find Youthair® for sale, usually at a local pharmacy, department store, or an online vendor with a price lower than what we are charging for it on our web site. Usually, this lower cost is not the best deal for you. We have seen numerous instances where, although the same or similar packaging is shown, the ingredients are not actually Youthair but a cheap imitation. Also, when some outlets find they are not selling a certain product quick enough, they reduce the price for a “clearance” of their old inventory. This is not a good thing for the customer. Our products do have a shelf life and are not as effective once that life has expired. When you purchase product from us, you can be assured that it is original and fresh and will be for the weeks ahead to ensure you have good results. Restoring your natural hair color is an important issue and obviously you need the products you are using to be of the highest quality. When you purchase from other so called Youthair vendors, you are taking a chance that you are not getting the quality you deserve. Similar to buying a toy with the “Made in China” label which is usually a cheap imitation and may contain harmful ingredients as we have all seen lately in the news, although the cost may be slightly less, so is the quality of that item.

A hair color system for graying hair that will regain the confidence and self esteem which time is stealing from you on a daily basis. Gray hair, graying hair, grey hair or greying hair. No matter how you spell or say it, the meaning is the same. Free yourself from the vicious cycle and the inevitable mess of hair dye. Youthair is the definitive solution to the problems associated with hair dyes!

Finally, one product that does it all. A hair color rejuvenator that restores your natural hair color and provides all the protection and control that your hair needs in such a harsh environment. A product that let’s you control just how much gray hair you have and just where you want it. Some graying hair, or none!